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Rabbi Moshe Abady


Rabbi Moshe Abady was raised in Brooklyn, NY. He later studied under Hagaon Rav Tzvi Kushelevsky shlita at Heichal Hatorah Kollel in Yerushalayim. Rabbi Abady has smicha from the Bet Din of Yerushalayim and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Bellevue University. Rabbi Abady’s passion is to raise the level of the next generation of American Sephardim and to instill a strong pride and appreciation for our rich heritage and customs. Rabbi Abady believes in relating to the total child; nurturing each student’s academic, emotional, social, and spiritual growth, while aiming high and inspiring academic excellence in all areas. He maintains that students must love and enjoy their learning in order to truly embrace and retain it. Rabbi Abady is dedicated to helping and guiding teachers to become those that students remember; teachers who are excellent educators but who also deeply care for every student. His ultimate goal is raising Bnei Torah and Bnot Yisrael that excel in both Judaic and General Studies, are passionate about Limud Torah and Shemirat Hamitzvot, and possess true Yirat Shamayim and Midot Tovot.


Rabbi David Miller

General Studies Principal

Rabbi David Miller worked for more than 25 years as a classroom teacher before taking his current role as Director of General Studies at Tashbar SYK. He uses this vast experience as well as his impressive educational background – including a Master’s Degree in Education, a Clear California State Teaching Credential for Kindergarten through 12th Grade and most recently a Parent Education Certificate from UCLA – to run his department at the highest standards. As Director of General Studies since 2004, Rabbi Miller is responsible for the General Studies program in Pre-1 through 8th Grade. This role includes curriculum development, instruction, teacher mentoring and supervision as well as overseeing the academic and personal growth of our students. With a clear picture of how the General Studies and Judaic Studies departments function in a dual curriculum school, Rabbi Miller, together with the rest of our staff, is dedicated to maintain an educational environment that stresses character development along with academic excellence. Rabbi Miller is inspired by the achdut among the staff, students and families and their dedication toward the common goal of developing self-confidence, leadership and an appreciation for the world around us.


Rabbi David Zargari

Dean and Founder, Torat Hayim Institutions


Morah Batya Elyassi

Eim Bayit-Boys Campus


Morah Chaya Motamedi

Preschool Director


Mrs. Kraindy Murik


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