Tashbar is my home. It is a place that inspired my growth in Yiddishkeit and gave me the tools necessary to move onto the next chapter of my life – high school! Tashbar focuses on our Sephardic heritage, while providing an unforgettable school experience, with inspiring teachers and a loving atmosphere. The teachers at Tashbar make sure we learn to the fullest extent, but in a fun way, by creating activities that enhance our learning. Our love for Shabbat is emphasized by our weekly Oneg Shabbat – we eat cholent, sing songs, and hear a d’var torah. Junior high partakes in the Shabbat Anticipation Program, SAP, where we focus on one specific shabbat activity each week to make shabbat more special. On Rosh Chodesh we enjoy a special breakfast or activity and a special Rosh Chodesh video for the junior high. Once a week we are treated to an engaging and fascinating d’var torah from our dean, Rabbi Zargari. Thanks to the pride Tashbar has instilled in me, I’m entering high school armed with my Sephardi siddur and ready to embark on a journey that will continue my legacy.

Tamar Z.

Graduating Class of 2019