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Parents and students at Tashbar Sephardic Yeshiva Ketana were treated to an incredible and informative Shmitah Fair hosted by the third grade and their beloved Morah, Mrs. Myriam Israily.

The girls shared their presentations on many advanced mitzvot and halachot pertaining to Shemitah and the year afterwards and wrote letters to the Israeli farmers.  The farmers are true Giborei Koach, people of great strength of faith, who have chosen to keep this mitzvah with great sacrifice.

Among the many Shemitah concepts the girls focused on was Kedushat HaAretz –(the unique spiritual quality of Eretz Yisrael), Menuchat HaAretz, the various halachot of Shemitah, Kedushat Sheviit  (the special kedusha of fruit grown during Shemitah, Keren HaSheviit, (the great mitzvah of supporting shemitah farmers, and gaining an appreciation for the Giborei Koach – (the strength of their Emunah to be able to resist the temptation of earning more money.) One student shared the Midrash that when Bnei Yisrael entered Eretz Yisrael the Torah wondered when they would have time to learn it with all the work of daily life so Hashem gave Bnei Yisrael Shabbat and Shemitah. Another presentation explained the Halachot of Sefichin – which is the D’Rabbanan prohibition against consuming the produce that grew from seeds sown on their own since a person might have secretly planted it during the night. Concluding on an uplifting note, we learned the chazal in Masechet Sanhedrin that Mashiach will arrive in the year after Shemittah !